Bag Contents:

  • Infant & Adult CPR Mask
  •  Hand Wipes
  • Saline Bullets
  • 2 Roller Guaze
  • 1" & 2" Coflex
  • 3" Transderm
  • Gauze Pads in 3x3, 3x4,5x9 and 4x4
  • Triangular Bandages
  • Bandaids & Skin Glue
  • Bandage Scissors
  • 4" Elastic Wrap & 24" Splint & Cold Compresses
  • Mylar Blanket
  • Packets of Aspirin & Advil & Tylenol
  • Burn Gel, Triple Antibiotic & Hydrocortizone Cream in no mess packs & easy open packs. 

This kit is full of everything you would need for minor emergency first aid.  We have researched and found the very best products.  Our motto is if we wouldn't use it for our family, we are not selling it. 


 Bag Info - A Single Sling Utility Bag with multiple shouldering options. You can carry the Utility Bag on the front of the body, your back, or at your sides. The bag has 7 compartments with everything organized within, however we have left space for add-ons or special medical needs you may have.  You also have mutlple molle and d rings for attachments.  


*note not all colors are always in stock - we are having issues getting some in. 


Sling Bag First Aid Kit

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  • Recon Medical Tourniquet  $26.99

    Recon Medical Tourniquet in Molle Pouch with Sheers $36.99

    2  Tourniquet Pouch Combos $70.99

    Skin Staple Kit $31.99 

    Suture Kit $29.99

    Burn Kit $19.99

    Trauma kit $69.99

    Celox  15g $24.95 or Celox A $34.99