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Why do ya'll call your kit a 1st Responder Kit?

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

I'm not police, fire or a paramedic.

That's a great question! Our kits are designed for every day folks. An actual 1st responder "go" bag is much larger. However many first responders buy our bags for personal use. Why? Because they are great for everyday minor emergencies or at least holding things together till medical help is reached. Before we answer that question let's discuss what is in the 1st Responder Kit.

Anyone with a little common sense can use this first aid kit. That is by design. Right in the front pockets is a shock blanket and CPR mask. Eek those sound scary! Not at all - the shock blanket is just a foil type cover to wrap around the injured person to hold in body heat; and therefore help to prevent shock. The CPR mask simply helps keep "backflow" from happening while performing CPR. Up in the top pockets you will find band-aids, topicals and basic meds. Including all important aspirin to help prevent a heart attack. Down in the bottom pockets are the handy wipes for clean up. In the main compartment you will find saline bullets to wash out eyes or wounds. A splint and compress for sprains, breaks and bumps. Also all kinds for gauze and tape for wound care. So you see nothing too scary or hard to use. That said we do recommend everyone take a first aid class.

Yes still getting to that title question; but let's answer another question first. This is a great well put together kit in a convenient bag ... do you carry next level emergency supplies? Yes we do! We have suture, staple, burn, and eye kits in air tight resealable bags. We also have packs of Ivy X, Sting Relief and Celox. We have put together a trauma kit that mollies right to the side of the 1st Responder Kit ... it contains items such as chest seals and a nasopharyngeal airway. And most important tourniquets - we believe if you carry a gun you should also carry a tourniquet.

Do you build kits in other types of bags? Yes! We currently also have the Rip Away Kit that has a lot of the same supplies and a mountable panel. Our Flat Pack and Compact Kit are both really big boo boo kits. Do you sell refills? I have no idea where to find replacement supplies. No worries - just email us.

Ok ok let's answer that title question. Why do we call our base kit 1st Responder Kit? Very simply put because if your the first one on scene and able to render aid ... your the first responder!

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