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Something to ponder from Big Dave, with additional notes from Traci aka the wife in blue.

As most of you know, I sell products at gun shows. That being said, let me offer some advice to you, based on observations in the past year. First bit of advice comes from witnessing hundreds of firearm purchases in the past year. Don't purchase the cheapest firearm available, especially if its intended purpose is to defend yourself, or your loved ones. If it's a second or third one, then you should be okay, but if it is your only firearm, make sure the thing will work. EVERYTIME!! I'm not saying go out there and buy the most expensive firearm either, unless you can afford to do so. Just make sure that it goes boom, every time the trigger is pulled. *

*Another note don't just go to Academy or Cabelas or any big retailer to buy your first gun, at least not alone. Your first gun purchase is a big deal, don't just wing it. Go to the gun shows make friends with the dealers, find someone you are comfortable with. They will help guide you in what is a good first gun for you. An even better option go with your new friend to the gun range, any range will have a many different guns you can try for rental. If there is any place the dealers like to go to more than gun shows ... it's gun ranges!

Secondly, after your purchase, make sure to train with it as much as you can afford to do so. Also, when training try to make yourself as uncomfortable as possible. If the need arises, and you need to use your firearm, I promise you, that every uncomfortable feeling will be there, so train that way. Shoot while sitting, standing, kneeling, laying on your back, laying on your side, etc... Run wind sprints, and do magazine change drills, work on failure to fire drills, by loading empty brass in between rounds. Have someone else load your magazines for you. so you can't just count, the shots and know when the empty brass comes up. **

**Again if you are a first time gun owner not something you want to do alone. All the things Dave mentions are not taught in LTC classes. You want to find an NRA certified instructor that teaches these things. If you happen to be in North Texas you are in luck because Big Dave is certified and teaches these classes.

Finally, make sure to have some sort of first aid in your range bag, just in case something happens. Go train, be safe out there!!***

***You don't have to go far. Check out our store for your first aid needs or contact me for custom built options. I have bags that are perfect for daily carry or to the range starting at $30.

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