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You Don't Need First Aid, until you NEED it!

I don't need a first aid kit. When I hear this, I want to scream - YES YOU DO! Everyone needs to asses their family, activities and work life then play out everything that can happen (or has happened) to determine how prepared they are.

The need for First Aid is the easiest unexpected event to plan for. Now we know here at Big Dave's Tactical and Survival that yes most of what is out there available is junk designed for one size fits all world. You just end up with a lot of stuff that you won't use. This is why Big Dave makes a line of customized kits.

How much is it worth to you to not have that headache at the mall when a kid has skinned their knee & screaming? If you just had a purse kit with some boo boo cream and a Paw Patrol Band-Aid. Or the peace of mind when you are hiking far out somewhere and get a bad cut? You need to have the right supplies for that.

Even if your right at home, paramedics are often 10 minutes away.

Big Dave's Tactical & Survival carries everything from a small box that fits in a purse or glove box up to a large roll-up bag with a tourniquet and staple kit.

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