• Big Dave

Survival - Your Not Always in the Woods

The word survival brings to mind, sitting in the woods eating tree bark, and grubs. This isn’t always the case. Lets say, for instance, you are driving down an old two lane, and your car suddenly dies. You just grab your cell phone, and call someone to come help. What if you pick up your phone, and it says “No service” Now what do you do? Oh, and lets say, that it’s 10 O’clock at night.

Back in the good ole days, people would carry items in their car, to handle such things, but today we have become a society of “my phone will save me” Survival to me, means being able to handle situations, as they come up. I carry a EDC (every day carry) bag with me, everywhere. In it, there are items that can, or will handle almost every situation. I understand that you can’t plan for every scenario, but we all need to plan for some.

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